Beyblade Burst

Middle schooler Valt Aoi, with his Beyblade Valtryek, faces off against friends, classmates and rivals to become the world's number one Blader.
Starring:Marina Inoue, Junya Enoki, Fumihiro Okabayashi
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Beyblade Burst

Season 1
Watch Let’s Go! Valtryek!. Episode 1 of Season 1.

After losing a school battle to his classmate Rantaro, Valt vows to work on his Blading fundamentals. His friend, Beyblade genius Shu, encourages him.

Watch Kerbeus: Guard Dog of the Underworld!. Episode 2 of Season 1.

Valt is over the moon thanks to his tournament win, but Shu warns him that true greatness requires discipline. Rantaro challenges Valt to a rematch.

Watch Blast Off! Rush Launch!. Episode 3 of Season 1.

Valt's battle against Ken Midori continues, with advancement in the tournament on the line. Meanwhile, Shu and Daigo face their first opponents.

Watch Beyblade Club: Let’s Get Started!. Episode 4 of Season 1.

After getting permission to start a Beyblade club at school, Valt has to get people to join. He and Rantaro battle to decide who will be club leader.

Watch Into the Darkness! Dark Doomscizor!. Episode 5 of Season 1.

Claiming to be a fan of Valt's, Daigo challenges him to a friendly match that ends up not so friendly. Valt vows to practice his Rush Launch.

Watch Get Ready! Crash Course. Episode 6 of Season 1.

Valt's mom Chiharu invents an at-home training program for him. Then it's time for the next battles in the district tournament, with Shu up first.

Watch The Flash Launch! It’s Crazy Fast!. Episode 7 of Season 1.

With another match coming up soon, Valt starts practicing his new special move, the Flash Launch. Wakiya asks Hoji to do something unsportsmanlike.

Watch A Powerful Opponent! Hyper Horusood!. Episode 8 of Season 1.

With the fourth round of the district tournaments, Valt and Valtryek face off against Hoji and Horusood. Most expect Valt to lose, but not Shu.

Watch Wyvron in the Way!. Episode 9 of Season 1.

Valt advances to the semi-finals along with Shu, Orochi and Wakiya. Not content to wait, Wakiya contrives to battle Valt at his family's mansion.

Watch Get Over It! Trust in Valtryek!. Episode 10 of Season 1.

After the end of his battle with Wakiya, Valt's friends try to help him regain his love of Beyblade. Meanwhile, Shu gets some news from the doctor.

Watch Spryzen's Despair!. Episode 11 of Season 1.

Shu struggles with his medical restrictions and Valt tries to cheer him up, with mixed results. Valt faces Wakiya again, this time in the tournament.

Watch Shield Crash Menace!. Episode 12 of Season 1.

Valt's tournament match with Wakiya goes down to the wire as he keeps trying to achieve a burst finish and Shu waits to face Orochi.

Watch Shu's Test!. Episode 13 of Season 1.

Shu's match against Orochi continues, with the moves putting increasing strain on Shu's shoulder. Whoever wins will face Valt in the final.

Watch The Battle We Promised!. Episode 14 of Season 1.

Valt and Shu are slated to face each other in the final round of the tournament, but Shu's shoulder hurts and Valt is worried about him.

Watch A Fierce Battle! Valtryek Versus Spryzen!. Episode 15 of Season 1.

The battle between Valt and Shu pits Valt's Flash Launch against Shu's new Upper Launch. When Shu takes the lead, Valt has no margin for error.

Watch A Group Lesson! Shakadera Special!. Episode 16 of Season 1.

After the tournament, Valt and his friends follow Shu to Xander's family training ground. To battle Xander, Valt takes on his friend Yugo.

Watch Extreme Xcalius!. Episode 17 of Season 1.

Xander and Xcalius battle Valt and Valtryek. Afterwards, Xander leads the group through an intense workout on the obstacle course.

Watch Team Battle! It's Off the Hook!. Episode 18 of Season 1.

The club still has a chance to compete at nationals, and they return to Xander's for team battle training. First up, Daigo faces the mysterious Ukio.

Watch Roktavor vs Unicrest!. Episode 19 of Season 1.

With Daigo defeated, Rantaro steps up to take on Ukio. He soon discovers that Ukio is holding back, but the team disagrees on what to do.

Watch Bring It Together! Chain Launch!. Episode 20 of Season 1.

Ken's determination falters as he faces Ukio, but a pep talk from his teammates reminds him that he's not alone. Then it's time for the final battle.

Watch A Battle of Friendship!. Episode 21 of Season 1.

The Beigoma team's battle against the Sword Flames continues, and now it's Valt's turn to face Xander in a three point match.

Watch Valtryek Awakens!. Episode 22 of Season 1.

Invitations to the regionals are out, and the Beigomas and their classmates are in. Valt gets his first chance to meet Zac, the idol blader.

Watch Lonely Doomscizor!. Episode 23 of Season 1.

After the qualifying rounds, Daigo is slated to face Yugo next in the tournament. Doing research on him presents Daigo with a difficult choice.

Watch Full Strength, for Real!. Episode 24 of Season 1.

With the tournament approaching, Rantaro and Hoji find themselves sharing a practice space. When the tournament starts, Rantaro and Valt face off.

Watch The Mysterious Masked Blader!. Episode 25 of Season 1.

Zac continues wandering around as the "Masked Blader." After meeting Toko and Nika, he challenges Wakiya to a battle -- an offer Wakiya can't refuse!

Watch Let's Do This Thing! On to Nationals!. Episode 26 of Season 1.

Daigo decides to quit the Bey Club to make amends for a mistake. Worried about his friend, Valt struggles to concentrate on his match with Orochi.

Watch Training Camp! The Biting Stadium!. Episode 27 of Season 1.

Now that he and Shu have joined the Bey Club, Wakiya invites the other members to his country mansion, where they train in his custom Bey stadium.

Watch Mountains! Rivers! A Huge Stormy Adventure!. Episode 28 of Season 1.

Training camp at Wakiya's mansion continues, complete with cooking duties. Everyone pitches in, but Toko and Nika get a little carried away.

Watch Eye on the Prize!. Episode 29 of Season 1.

Valt agrees to take part in the opening ceremony for the National Tournament and meets Quon, a Blader friend of Xander's. Then Valtryek goes missing.

Watch The Winged Snake! Quetziko!. Episode 30 of Season 1.

The national tournament kicks off with the Bey Club facing Quon's Ice Blaze team. First, Valt faces his new hero Quon himself.

Watch Teachings of a Legend!. Episode 31 of Season 1.

The Bey Club takes a trip to the Beyblade Museum, and Ken tries to cheer Valt up. Then the tournament resumes with Zac's Superstars up next.

Watch Cyclone Power!. Episode 32 of Season 1.

Zac throws a giant street party and invites the members of the Bey Club. Valt and Rantaro jump at the chance to try out the life-size Bey stadium.

Watch Mega Flames! Dual Sabers!. Episode 33 of Season 1.

As the Bey Club faces off against the Sword Flames in the second round of the tournament, Wakiya challenges Valt's leadership as team captain.

Watch The Beasts Bare Their Fangs!. Episode 34 of Season 1.

Shu experiments with ways to increase Spryzen's power. Valt and Ken practice together just like old times, but Ken wants to help his new team.

Watch Primal Attack! Beast Betromoth!. Episode 35 of Season 1.

The team semi-finals pit the Bey Club against the Beasts. Wakiya faces off against Yoga Sakurajima while Valt battles Ben Azuki.

Watch Rideout Rising!. Episode 36 of Season 1.

Orochi and Gabe face off to decide whose team moves on to the finals. Meanwhile, the Bey Club explains what they do for the video club's documentary.

Watch Next Stop, Team Finals!. Episode 37 of Season 1.

With the final round of the tournament approaching, the Bey Club listens to Shu's advice and takes a day off from training. But relaxing isn't easy.

Watch Battle to the Finish! Lost Lúinor. Episode 38 of Season 1.

The final round continues. When Lui Shirasagi takes the floor for the Rideouts, the Bey Club team argues over who will face him.

Watch Into the Vortex! Lost Spiral!. Episode 39 of Season 1.

Valt's battle with Lui continues, and the pressure is getting to him. Meanwhile, Shu can't help but recall the last time he faced Lui himself.

Watch All in! Going Solo!. Episode 40 of Season 1.

With the team finals over, Valt turns his mind to the upcoming individual rounds. To gain an edge, he starts working with Bey scientist Naoki Minamo.

Watch Nepstrius' Trap!. Episode 41 of Season 1.

Valt's first opponent in the individual rounds is Naoki, who plans to use the data he collected during their research against him.

Watch Jumbo Jormuntor! The Venomous Snake!. Episode 42 of Season 1.

The tournament continues, and Shu now faces Jin Aizawa, with Naoki observing eagerly. To win, Shu needs to take a calculated risk.

Watch Winged Launch!. Episode 43 of Season 1.

Wakiya declares his intention of quitting the Bey Club, and Shu proposes separate training. When the tournament resumes, Valt faces Quon again.

Watch Roar! Battle of the Beasts!. Episode 44 of Season 1.

Teammates Ken and Ben face off against each other in the individual matches. Out of mutual respect, neither of them holds anything back.

Watch Spryzen vs. Wyvron. Episode 45 of Season 1.

Wakiya and Shu finally face each other again, this time at the national tournament. Only one of them can advance, and it's all on the line.

Watch Battle for the Top! Valt vs Xander!. Episode 46 of Season 1.

Scheduled to face each other in the third round of the tournament, Valt and Xander train hard with their teammates before stepping into the ring.

Watch Star Battle!. Episode 47 of Season 1.

Akira's dreams come true when he faces Zac the Sunrise in the third round of the tournament in a star-powered battle to the finish.

Watch Semi-Finals! Spin Versus Speed!. Episode 48 of Season 1.

The semi-finals begin with Valt and Zac facing off against each other in a classic underdog versus fan favorite matchup. It's the moment of truth.

Watch Old Rivals! Lui Versus Shu!. Episode 49 of Season 1.

As the semi-finals continue, it's Spin Emperor versus Spin Emperor when Shu and Lui face each other in their first match since the last tournament.

Watch Overthrowing the King!. Episode 50 of Season 1.

There's just one match left in the national tournament. The Bey Club members train with Valt to help him practice a new move he's been working on.

Watch Final Showdown! Victory Valtryek!. Episode 51 of Season 1.

Valt's match with Lui comes down to the final rounds. With everything on the line, it's time to find out how far Valt and Valtryek have come.

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