Four animal superheroes called the Miniforce transform into robots to protect small and defenseless creatures from the hands of scheming villains.
Starring:Um Sang-hyun, Yang Jeong-hwa, Jeon Tae-yeol
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Season 1
Watch New Heroes. Episode 1 of Season 1.

Meet the superheroes who protect animals from danger: Volt, who runs fast; Sammy, who jumps high; Lucy, who has magical powers; and Max, who's strong.

Watch New Threat. Episode 2 of Season 1.

The Miniforce are enjoying a fun game of car racing when they receive an emergency call: A traitor named Pascal has sided with Nein, their enemy.

Watch Attack of Spider Mechamon. Episode 3 of Season 1.

Nein is using an energy-draining spiderweb to attack small animals. If the Miniforce don't save the animals soon, their lives will be in danger.

Watch Fortune of the Day. Episode 4 of Season 1.

When a scorpion named Pio starts paralyzing animals, the Miniforce are sent to fight him. But Volt's horoscope warns him to watch out for circles.

Watch Courage of Turtles. Episode 5 of Season 1.

The Miniforce put on a show for Suzy's birthday. Just before their final act, the Commander calls them in to stop an evil turtle named Torres.

Watch Miniforce and Baby Iguana. Episode 6 of Season 1.

Suzy shows the Miniforce a strange egg, which soon hatches to reveal a baby iguana. Meanwhile, Queen Iguana is furious that someone stole her egg.

Watch Scary Vending Machine. Episode 7 of Season 1.

Nein releases the Vending Machine Mechamon, which gives out free sodas that make animals fall into a deep sleep. Unfortunately, Suzy also drinks one.

Watch Lucy the Chef. Episode 8 of Season 1.

After eating food that Lucy cooked, the Miniforce get sick. Just then, the news reports that there is a food poisoning outbreak in Bluebell Village.

Watch There's Something About Ipas. Episode 9 of Season 1.

Suzy brings home a pretty stray cat named Ipas and asks the Miniforce to befriend her. Volt falls in love with Ipas, but can she be trusted?

Watch Hypnotic Music. Episode 10 of Season 1.

Nein has created a device that hypnotizes anyone who listens to its music. Lucy, with her great sense of hearing, has also fallen victim.

Watch Attack of Medusa. Episode 11 of Season 1.

Volt accidentally breaks a doll that Suzy made for Max. Meanwhile, one of Pascal's soldiers, Medusa, is turning animals into stone.

Watch Fatally Delicious Candy. Episode 12 of Season 1.

A Candy Dispenser Mechamon is changing all the fruits on trees into addictive candies. Nein's plan is to make animals fight one another to get them.

Watch Sammy's Betrayal: Part 1. Episode 13 of Season 1.

After getting hit by Pascal's spear, Sammy has begun to act strangely. Suzy, Volt, Lucy and Max worry about his hostile behavior.

Watch Sammy's Betrayal: Part 2. Episode 14 of Season 1.

The dark energy from Pascal's spear has brainwashed Sammy to side with evil. The only thing the others can do is have faith in their friend.

Watch Deadly Sweet Fragrance. Episode 15 of Season 1.

Banished from her hometown for smelling like flowers, skunk Violet meets Pascal, who tricks her into thinking that power will make her more popular.

Watch Battle with Vacuum Mechamon. Episode 16 of Season 1.

Volt and Sammy get into a fight over who gets to be the cleaning supervisor. Meanwhile, a Mechamon is attacking squirrels with its powerful suction.

Watch Cause of the Disease. Episode 17 of Season 1.

Pascal has sent a Mechamon to pollute the river with a nasty virus. It's up to the Miniforce to stop him before the animals run out of clean water.

Watch Shadow in the Dark. Episode 18 of Season 1.

An evil bat named Vamp is capturing small animals and draining them of energy. Light weakens him, so the Miniforce must hold him down until sunrise.

Watch Kungfu Master Cho: Part 1. Episode 19 of Season 1.

Grandpa Cho visits the Miniforce. Meanwhile, Pascal opens an ancient seal to wake up Laoshu, who is angry at the Miniforce for locking him up.

Watch Kungfu Master Cho: Part 2. Episode 20 of Season 1.

The Miniforce learn the real reason why Grandpa Cho came to visit them. To prepare for their battle against Laoshu, they receive special training.

Watch Destined Rivals. Episode 21 of Season 1.

Pascal visits former Miniforce member Hawk and tricks him into attacking his old rival, Sammy.

Watch Dangerous Curiosity. Episode 22 of Season 1.

Suzy's neighbor has been researching the Miniforce and thinks they're dangerous. Pascal uses the misunderstanding to his advantage.

Watch Black Miniforce: Part 1. Episode 23 of Season 1.

A former elite Miniforce agent named Ray teams up with Pascal in order to become stronger. The Miniforce must stop him at all costs.

Watch Black Miniforce: Part 2. Episode 24 of Season 1.

Ray attacks humans to draw attention and get the Miniforce to confront him. The friends have no choice but to begin the fight without Volt.

Watch Saving Dr. Tao. Episode 25 of Season 1.

Pascal gets his hands on Dr. Tao's destructive Mechamon but needs a password to bring it to life. Ray learns the truth about his run-in with Volt.

Watch Invincible Miniforce. Episode 26 of Season 1.

Pascal's special Mechamon is headed for Bluebell Village. The only way to defeat it is with a four-way fusion of force-bots, which can be dangerous.

Watch Arrow of the Griffon. Episode 27 of Season 1.

Animals hit by Griffon's arrows are falling in love but will soon grow to hate one another. Pascal and Nein plan to use this to control the world.

Watch Give Our Veggies Back!. Episode 28 of Season 1.

A Mechamon appears at night and sucks away all the produce. The Miniforce must defeat it to help the animals who are suffering from hunger.

Watch Alien Jody: Part 1. Episode 29 of Season 1.

Pascal captures and hypnotizes an alien with an ability to imitate anything it sees. He plans to use the alien's power to get rid of the Miniforce.

Watch Alien Jody: Part 2. Episode 30 of Season 1.

After being exposed to alien radiation, the Miniforce feel weak and can't transform. Only a powerful stone called the Zodiacnite can cure them.

Watch Secret of the Crying Pollen. Episode 31 of Season 1.

A Flower Mechamon is spreading pollen that's making everyone cry -- part of Nein's plan to rid the world of laughter and happiness.

Watch Legend of the Pyramid. Episode 32 of Season 1.

Pascal wakes Apophis from his long slumber in a tomb inside a pyramid and enlists his help in destroying the Miniforce and taking over the world.

Watch Twin Penguin Thieves: Part 1. Episode 33 of Season 1.

After twin penguins Penko and Penky are caught robbing Suzy's house, Pascal helps them escape and takes them under his wing.

Watch Twin Penguin Thieves: Part 2. Episode 34 of Season 1.

The twin penguins steal a rare diamond from the Bluebell Bank. The Miniforce must catch them before the diamond reaches Pascal's hands.

Watch Halloween Party: Part 1. Episode 35 of Season 1.

Suzy and her brother go trick-or-treating and end up at Nein's estate. Meanwhile, flying pumpkins begin attacking small animals and humans.

Watch Halloween Party: Part 2. Episode 36 of Season 1.

Nein sends out more pumpkins to attack Bluebell Village. Suzy happens to be at the town center with the Miniforce during the invasion.

Watch Dangerous Smartphone. Episode 37 of Season 1.

Nein and Pascal scheme to make everyone more addicted to smartphones so no one will have a chance to stop their latest Mechamon.

Watch Strange Dream. Episode 38 of Season 1.

A Dream Mechamon appears in the forest at night and sends out electromagnetic waves so that animals, even Suzy, can't distinguish dreams from reality.

Watch Serpent Witch: Part 1. Episode 39 of Season 1.

The Miniforce take on the evil and powerful Serpent Witch Silah, who has turned all the squirrels into frogs and captured the Squirrel Prince.

Watch Serpent Witch: Part 2. Episode 40 of Season 1.

The only way to defeat Silah is by using a sword hidden deep inside a cave. The Miniforce and Prince Micah set out to find it.

Watch Secret of the Monster: Part 1. Episode 41 of Season 1.

A legendary protector of animals, the Forest Guardian, gets captured by Pascal and tainted with dark energy. It's up to the Miniforce to save him.

Watch Secret of the Monster: Part 2. Episode 42 of Season 1.

Suzy and the Forest Guardian become friends, but one night, after struggling with the dark power infused in him by Pascal, the Guardian runs away.

Watch Precious Electricity. Episode 43 of Season 1.

The Electric Mechamon steals all the electricity, causing a blackout in Bluebell Village. Without air conditioning, the heat becomes unbearable.

Watch Suspicious Frog. Episode 44 of Season 1.

The Miniforce bring a friendly frog named Lana into their home after she's chased by a dog. But Sammy doesn't trust her.

Watch Shaku, the Pirate King: Part 1. Episode 45 of Season 1.

In exchange for a treasure map to the Golden Isles, Pascal asks Shaku the Pirate King and his parrot, Pero, to help defeat the Miniforce.

Watch Shaku, the Pirate King: Part 2. Episode 46 of Season 1.

Pero uses the bracelet he gave Max to turn him against the rest of the Miniforce. Meanwhile, Shaku has returned to attack the village in the forest.

Watch Ravenous Croaker: Part 1. Episode 47 of Season 1.

Pascal infects a crocodile named Croaker with a starvation virus. Because Croaker is devouring everything in the forest, the animals have no food.

Watch Ravenous Croaker: Part 2. Episode 48 of Season 1.

The Miniforce work hard to bring food to the hungry animals in the forest. But Nein has turned Croaker into a monster who will destroy everything.

Watch Prophecy of the Peacock. Episode 49 of Season 1.

A Buddhist priest named Kao offers the Miniforce five prophecies. Nein gives Pascal the ultimate Mechamon and one last chance to defeat the Miniforce.

Watch Miraculous Courage. Episode 50 of Season 1.

The Miniforce seek out Kao to ask him more about their destinies. Later, they face off against the giant Truck Mechamon, driven by Nein himself.

Watch Miniforce, The Final Battle: Part 1. Episode 51 of Season 1.

After one year with Suzy, the Miniforce prepare to say their goodbyes. Meanwhile, Pascal has evolved into the Miniforce's strongest possible enemy.

Watch Miniforce, The Final Battle: Part 2. Episode 52 of Season 1.

Without the Miniforce, Pascal begins to destroy Bluebell Village. The animals of the forest gather together to pray for Volt, Sammy, Lucy and Max.

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