LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Kai, Jay, Cole and Zane must master their elemental powers and Spinjitzu weapons to protect the land of Ninjago, which also has an underworld.
Starring:Vincent Tong, Jillian Michaels, Ian James Corlett
Creators:Michael Hegner
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LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Watch Rise of the Snakes. Episode 1 of Season 1.

The ninjas are snapped out of their post-hero complacency when Lord Garmadon's son Lloyd shows up and tries to pick up where his father left off.

Watch Home. Episode 2 of Season 1.

Back in training mode with the looming threat of Lloyd and the Hypnobrai, Zane wanders after a Falcon and lands himself in a heap of trouble.

Watch Snakebit. Episode 3 of Season 1.

Lloyd unlocks a second tribe, the Fangpyres, to help him regain control. The ninjas take action when the Fangpyres attack Jay's family's village.

Watch Never Trust a Snake. Episode 4 of Season 1.

After the Fangpyres join forces with the Hypnobrai, Lloyd awakens Pythor -- the last remaining snake of the Anacondrai tribe.

Watch Can of Worms. Episode 5 of Season 1.

Lloyd moves in and tries to help out but just gets in the way. Pythor awakens the Venomari and the Constrictai, and an all-out snake war breaks out.

Watch The Snake King. Episode 6 of Season 1.

Pythor declares himself the destined leader who'll reawaken The Great Devourer, an ancient beast that can't be killed and will consume all of Ninjago.

Watch Tick Tock. Episode 7 of Season 1.

When the four ninjas follow the mysterious falcon into the woods, they stumble upon a hidden workshop where Zane learns the secret about his past.

Watch Once Bitten, Twice Shy. Episode 8 of Season 1.

Jay and Nya must cut short their first date in Mega-Monster Amusement Park as the Serpentine are on their way to retrieve one of four fang blades.

Watch The Royal Blacksmiths. Episode 9 of Season 1.

The ninjas go undercover as a dance troupe and enter a talent contest in their quest to win the Blade Cup, where one of the fang blades is hidden.

Watch The Green Ninja. Episode 10 of Season 1.

The ninjas are suspicious when their archenemy Lord Garmadon moves in to help search for his missing son, but they realize they have to work together.

Watch All of Nothing. Episode 11 of Season 1.

The ninjas try to infiltrate the Serpentines' inner sanctum and walk into a trap. When Lloyd's rescue mission fails, only Lord Garmadon can help.

Watch Rise of the Great Devourer. Episode 12 of Season 1.

The ninjas hastily journey to the lost city of Ouroboros to try to stop Pythor from awakening The Great Devourer, but it's a race against time.

Watch Day of the Great Devourer. Episode 13 of Season 1.

Disaster threatens as the ninjas must fight to defeat the all-consuming Great Devourer in a desperate attempt to save Ninjago.

Watch Darkness Shall Rise. Episode 1 of Season 2.

Just as the rebuilding effort in Ninjago begins, the four ninjas realize Lord Garmadon has forged the ninjas' lost Golden Weapons into a mega-weapon.

Watch Pirates vs. Ninja. Episode 2 of Season 2.

When Garmadon accidentally brings to life the ruthless Captain Soto and his pirates, it's up to the ninjas to stop them from plundering Ninjago City.

Watch Double Trouble. Episode 3 of Season 2.

When our heroes are invited back to Darkly's Boarding School, they discover it's a trap set up by Lord Garmadon and his evil replica ninjas.

Watch Ninjaball Run. Episode 4 of Season 2.

When the ninjas learn Darreth's Mojo Dojo is to be destroyed, they enter the annual NinjaBall Run to win a cash prize that will help save the dojo.

Watch Child's Play. Episode 5 of Season 2.

When the ninjas prevent Garmadon from using his mega-weapon to bring to life a fossilized monster, they're turned into kids and need Lloyd's help.

Watch Wrong Place, Wrong Time. Episode 6 of Season 2.

When Garmadon travels back in time to undo the past and rid the future of ninjas, the ninjas follow him and try to stop him using the Golden Weapons.

Watch The Stone Army. Episode 7 of Season 2.

The ninjas face off with an exhibit of a stone samurai warrior that the toxic venom from the Great Devourer has brought to life.

Watch The Day Ninjago Stood Still. Episode 8 of Season 2.

The ninjas try to flee from the Stone Army, which has been brought to life by the Devourer's toxic venom. Garmadon tries to seize control of the army.

Watch The Last Voyage. Episode 9 of Season 2.

The ninjas, Lloyd, Sensei Wu and Misako journey to the Dark Island to find a Temple of Light that can restore the ninjas' elemental powers.

Watch Island of Darkness. Episode 10 of Season 2.

After fighting off the Stone Army, the ninjas arrive at the Temple of Light and harness their pure elemental powers, concentrating them onto Lloyd.

Watch The Last Hope. Episode 11 of Season 2.

The ninjas try to return Garmadon's Helmet of Darkness to its perch at the Celestial Clock to prevent the final battle between Lloyd and his father.

Watch Return of the Overlord. Episode 12 of Season 2.

Garmadon uses his new super-weapon to turn Jamanakai Village evil, unsettling the balance and allowing the spirit of the Overlord to possess his body.

Watch Rise of the Spinjitzu Master. Episode 13 of Season 2.

A great darkness has fallen upon Ninjago as Garmadon's super-weapon has turned it evil, but the ninjas discover light is more powerful than dark.

Watch The Surge. Episode 1 of Season 3.

In the wake of Overlord's defeat, Ninjago City is reborn and the ninjas teach at Sensei Wu's academy. But the peace doesn't last long.

Watch The Art of the Silent Fist. Episode 2 of Season 3.

After being pursued to Sensei Garmadon's monastery by the Nindroids, the ninjas sneak back into Ninjago City under the guise of a circus train.

Watch Blackout. Episode 3 of Season 3.

Zane gives up half his power to save P.I.X.A.L. just as foes attack from all sides. Meanwhile, Lloyd and his father travel to Hiroshi's Labyrinth.

Watch The Curse of the Golden Master. Episode 4 of Season 3.

Underneath Ninjago City, the ninjas discover secrets about the Serpentine when they fight alongside them against the Nindroids.

Watch Enter the Digiverse. Episode 5 of Season 3.

The ninjas venture into the Digiverse to confront the Digital Overlord. Meanwhile, Pythor and Wu lead a Nindroid attack on Borg Tower.

Watch Codename: Arcturus. Episode 6 of Season 3.

Pythor and the Nindroids free the Digital Overlord. Meanwhile, Wu and Garmadon stumble upon Pythor's top-secret scheme, Project Arcturus.

Watch The Void. Episode 7 of Season 3.

After battling Nindroids on the outside of the Arcturus ship, the ninjas hang on as the craft takes the battle into the heart of a comet.

Watch The Titanium Ninja. Episode 8 of Season 3.

The Nindroids use the Golden Weapons to transform the Overlord into the Golden Master. In the ruins of Ninjago, the ninjas prepare their final stand.

Watch The Invitation. Episode 1 of Season 4.

After discovering that Zane may still be alive, the ninjas learn that they must compete in a Tournament of Elements if they wish to see him again.

Watch Only One Can Remain. Episode 2 of Season 4.

The team learns about Jade Blades and other secrets of the Tournament of Elements. Karlof is eliminated from the competition.

Watch Versus. Episode 3 of Season 4.

The contests begin, and soon Cole is forced to battle with Jay. Zane regains his memory with help from P.I.X.A.L.

Watch Ninja Roll. Episode 4 of Season 4.

The remaining Elemental Masters compete in a roller skating competition. Cole, Karlof and other eliminations must work in Chen's noodle factory.

Watch Spy for a Spy. Episode 5 of Season 4.

The ninjas form an alliance with the Elemental Masters after revealing Chen's plan. Cole and Zane break out of the noodle factory.

Watch Spellbound. Episode 6 of Season 4.

Lloyd and Garmadon learn of the great battle that once took place between Chen, the Anacondrai and the Elemental Masters for control of Ninjago.

Watch The Forgotten Element. Episode 7 of Season 4.

It appears that all is lost when Chen drains the powers of the Elemental Masters and vanquishes Lloyd in battle to take control of his as well.

Watch Day of the Dragon. Episode 8 of Season 4.

Chen and his army invade Ninjago City, but the masters have escaped the noodle factory and follow close behind. Garmadon narrowly escapes banishment.

Watch The Greatest Fear of All. Episode 9 of Season 4.

Master Chen uses a spell to turn himself and his troops into fierce Anacondrai, but the ninjas visit Ninjago City's jail to recruit an unusual ally.

Watch The Corridor of Elders. Episode 10 of Season 4.

The final confrontation between the ninjas and the Anacondrai unfolds, but a great sacrifice must be made if the heroes are to save the day.

Watch Winds of Change. Episode 1 of Season 5.

Morro possesses Lloyd and uses him to infiltrate the tea shop and attack the other ninjas, who have mysteriously lost their powers.

Watch Ghost Story. Episode 2 of Season 5.

After learning that Wu's staff holds a clue to the First Spinjitzu Master's tomb, the ninjas go to Stiix to retrieve the stolen Airjitzu scroll.

Watch Stiix & Stones. Episode 3 of Season 5.

While Wu trains Nya in her new water powers, the ninjas plot to steal the Airjitzu scrolls from Ronin but find that they must first fight Morro.

Watch The Temple on Haunted Hill. Episode 4 of Season 5.

The ninjas go to Sensei Yang's dangerous haunted temple to learn Airjitzu, and Nya quits her training but must use her powers to elude Morro's ghosts.

Watch Peak-a-Boo. Episode 5 of Season 5.

Using their new Airjitzu powers, the ninjas race to climb a perilous mountain to find the Sword of Sanctuary before Morro can claim it.

Watch Kingdom Come. Episode 6 of Season 5.

After being betrayed in the Cloud Kingdom, the ninjas battle Morro for the Sword of Sanctuary and learn he is ultimately after the Realm Crystal.

Watch The Crooked Path. Episode 7 of Season 5.

As the ninjas close in on their final clue to the location of the First Spinjitzu Master's tomb, Ronin steals the Sword of Sanctuary to give to Morro.

Watch Grave Danger. Episode 8 of Season 5.

The ninjas journey to the First Spinjitzu Master's tomb to claim the powerful Realm Crystal, but they must navigate a series of traps -- and Morro.

Watch Curse World: Part 1. Episode 9 of Season 5.

As the ninjas race to keep Morro from releasing the Preeminent, Morro uses the Realm Crystal to summon an army of ghosts from the Cursed Realm.

Watch Curse World: Part 2. Episode 10 of Season 5.

While the ninjas try to protect Stiix, Lloyd encounters his father in the Cursed Realm, and Nya unlocks her true potential to take on the Preeminent.

Watch Infamous. Episode 1 of Season 6.

The ninjas find themselves going from famous heroes to hunted villains when someone impersonates them and commits crimes all over Ninjago City.

Watch Public Enemy Number One. Episode 2 of Season 6.

While Nadakhan schemes to steal the Realm Crystal, the fugitive ninjas are pursued by Ronin, who has been hired by the police to track them down.

Watch Enkrypted. Episode 3 of Season 6.

Falsely imprisoned, the ninjas meet a fellow captive who knows of a rare venom that can stop a Djinn like Nadakhan, but it's only found on one island.

Watch Misfortune Rising. Episode 4 of Season 6.

Nadakhan talks Jay into making a wish to win over Nya, first mate Flintlocke accidentally destroys the Realm Crystal, and Cole steals Soto's map.

Watch On a Wish and a Prayer. Episode 5 of Season 6.

As large areas of Ninjago City vanish, the ninjas head to Tiger Widow Island, where Jay collects the precious venom with Nadakhan in hot pursuit.

Watch My Dinner with Nadakhan. Episode 6 of Season 6.

Marooned on Tiger Widow Island, Lloyd, Cole and Nya try to escape on a raft, while a captured Jay battles Nadakhan's crewmates for their amusement.

Watch Wishmasters. Episode 7 of Season 6.

After lessons in how to talk like pirates, the ninjas infiltrate Nadakhan's ship on a mission to slip him the venom and rescue Jay from captivity.

Watch The Last Resort. Episode 8 of Season 6.

Flintlocke leads a mutiny, believing Nadakhan will abandon his crew once he has the power of infinite wishes, but the Djinn prevails and captures Nya.

Watch Operation Land Ho!. Episode 9 of Season 6.

While Nya is forced to rehearse for her wedding to Nadakhan at the Djinn Temple, Jay recruits a new team for a mission to rescue his friends.

Watch The Way Back. Episode 10 of Season 6.

Nadakhan marries Nya and gains the power of infinite wishes, but Flintlocke and Dogshank join the ninjas to fight the Djinn in an epic final showdown.

Watch The Hands of Time. Episode 1 of Season 7.

Master Wu engages in a fight left unfinished decades ago against Acronix, one of the twin Hands of Time. The ninjas try to rescue him.

Watch The Hatching. Episode 2 of Season 7.

The ninjas learn more about fallen Elemental Masters, Krux and Acronix, and discover they have a new enemy.

Watch A Time of Traitors. Episode 3 of Season 7.

Kai uses a Vermillion Warrior helmet to uncover information about Krux, while Lloyd struggles as a master-in-training and Nya tries to reboot Zane.

Watch Scavengers. Episode 4 of Season 7.

The Vermillion Warriors mysteriously steal items made of metal while Lloyd comes to realize that filling Master Wu's shoes is a daunting task.

Watch A Line in the Sand. Episode 5 of Season 7.

The ninjas fight to save an amusement park while Jay defends his family home from the Vermillion Warriors -- until the Emerald Time Blade arrives.

Watch The Attack. Episode 6 of Season 7.

The team enjoys a victory and retrieves the Emerald Time Blade, but the celebration is short-lived.

Watch Secrets Discovered. Episode 7 of Season 7.

While the rest of the ninjas try to find and rescue Master Wu, Nya confronts the Samurai X imposter and Kai seeks the truth about his parents.

Watch Pause and Effect. Episode 8 of Season 7.

Kai discovers both of his parents are being held captive. Meanwhile, a third Time Blade appears.

Watch Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling Sea. Episode 9 of Season 7.

The Hands of Time force Kai and Nya into retrieving the fourth Time Blade from the Boiling Sea.

Watch Lost in Time. Episode 10 of Season 7.

Kai and Nya time travel to the past, where they must help the Elemental Masters prevent the Hands of Time from changing Ninjago history.

Watch The Mask of Deception. Episode 1 of Season 8.

After he loses the Mask of Deception to a new villain, Lloyd reunites the scattered ninjas.

Watch The Jade Princess. Episode 2 of Season 8.

Lloyd befriends the spirited Princess Harumi, but an explosive attack by the Sons of Garmadon results in another relic lost and her parents missing.

Watch The Oni and the Dragon. Episode 3 of Season 8.

The ninjas seek the Sons of Garmadon by interrogating a captured gang member and going undercover at a karaoke bar.

Watch Snake Jaguar. Episode 4 of Season 8.

Zane is taken to the Sons of Garmadon's secret base, where he learns about their unseen leader. Meanwhile, Lloyd discovers the gang's true purpose.

Watch Dead Man's Squall. Episode 5 of Season 8.

Zane and Mr. E meet in an epic face-off as the ninjas' ship embarks on a rocky journey to find the third Oni mask.

Watch The Quiet One. Episode 6 of Season 8.

Separated by the crash, the ninjas try to get to the Oni mask before the Sons of Garmadon.

Watch Game of Masks. Episode 7 of Season 8.

A flashback reveals the truth about the Quiet One's identity as Harumi and Lloyd venture deeper into the Oni Temple seeking the third mask.

Watch Dread On Arrival. Episode 8 of Season 8.

Lloyd awakens a prisoner of the Quiet One, who plans to resurrect Lord Garmadon with another hostage.

Watch True Potential. Episode 9 of Season 8.

The ninjas celebrate at Laughy's until they learn Garmadon has broken Harumi out of prison.

Watch Big Trouble, Little Ninjago. Episode 10 of Season 8.

Mystake heals Lloyd's injuries but his survival comes with a heavy price, while Garmadon conjures up three enormous Collossi to display his powers.

Watch Firstbourne. Episode 1 of Season 9.

Lloyd hides from the occupying forces of Emperor Garmadon and Harumi, while Young Wu and the ninjas are marooned in the Realm of Oni and Dragon.

Watch Iron & Stone. Episode 2 of Season 9.

Iron Baron banishes Jay, Kai and Zane to doom in an arena against a dragon. In Ninjago, Lloyd assembles a rebel group of Elemental Fighters.

Watch Radio Free Ninjago. Episode 3 of Season 9.

The ninjas are caged and used as bait to lure a dragon. Lloyd and his resistance fighters hijack a TV station to broadcast a message of hope.

Watch How to Build a Dragon. Episode 4 of Season 9.

The enslaved ninjas gather materials so that Cole and Wu can build a dragon decoy. The Sons of Garmadon strike back at Lloyd's rebels.

Watch The Gilded Path. Episode 5 of Season 9.

Lloyd and some of the resistance fighters are on the brink of capture in Nya's vehicle. In the Realm of Oni and Dragon, the ninjas and Wu go on the run.

Watch Two Lies, One Truth. Episode 6 of Season 9.

Mystake reveals her true nature and past, while Wu leads the search for Firstbourne.

Watch The Weakest Link. Episode 7 of Season 9.

Wu's identity is revealed while Lloyd and his comrades come up with a new plan involving Harumi.

Watch Saving Faith. Episode 8 of Season 9.

When Wu is captured and electro-shocked, his memories suddenly return. Lloyd uses stolen powers to try and seize the Oni Titan.

Watch Lessons for a Master. Episode 9 of Season 9.

An angry Garmadon looks to regain control while Wu and Iron Baron land in Firstbourne's nest.

Watch Green Destiny. Episode 10 of Season 9.

The ninjas return to Ninjago and head to battle just as a terrible attack is underway while Master Wu and Lloyd confront Lord Garmadon.

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