Thomas and Friends

This animated children's series follows the adventures of Thomas, a cheerful blue tank engine who lives on the island of Sodor.
Starring:Michael Angelis, Ben Small, Keith Wickham
Creators:Wilbert Awdry, Christopher Awdry, Britt Allcroft
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Thomas and Friends

Season 23
Watch Free the Roads. Episode 1 of Season 23.

After a rail accident disrupts train travel, Bulgy the Bus finally gets what he wanted — a massive influx of riders.

Watch Chucklesome Trucks. Episode 2 of Season 23.

Rebecca ignores the warnings about working with the Troublesome Trucks in hopes of having a fun day on the job.

Watch Heart of Gold. Episode 3 of Season 23.

Toby proves he's got a pure heart of gold when he discovers a plot to steal King Godred's crown.

Watch Panicky Percy. Episode 4 of Season 23.

When Percy becomes paranoid about the snow, his nerves get the better of him, causing confusion on the rails.

Watch Crowning Around. Episode 5 of Season 23.

Feeling useless after losing a precious possession, Rajiv learns a valuable lesson — he doesn't need his beloved crown to make a difference.

Watch Gordon Gets the Giggles. Episode 6 of Season 23.

Gordon becomes increasingly concerned when he just can't stop giggling, no matter how hard he tries.

Watch The Other Big Engine. Episode 7 of Season 23.

In Brazil, Thomas crosses paths with a big, blue engine that reminds him of Gordon.

Watch Batacuda. Episode 8 of Season 23.

Encouraged by a group of traveling musicians, Thomas sets out to contribute his own unique sounds to a Brazillian carnival.

Watch Diesel Do Right. Episode 9 of Season 23.

Tired of always getting into trouble, Diesel schemes to get some of the other engines on the Fat Controller's bad side for a change.

Watch Thomas Makes a Mistake. Episode 10 of Season 23.

When Thomas makes a blunder while on a job, he tries to fix the error without asking for help.

Watch Grudge Match. Episode 11 of Season 23.

When ultra-competitive Raul sets out to top Thomas in a series of games, he learns there are far more important things than winning.

Watch Diesel Glows Away. Episode 12 of Season 23.

After hearing the other trains wonder if they could be more useful without him around, Diesel goes into hiding in hopes of teaching them a lesson.

Watch Laid Back Shane. Episode 13 of Season 23.

Shane's relaxed nature leads to some unexpected stress when the engine runs out of coal while traveling through the desert.

Watch Wish You Were Here. Episode 14 of Season 23.

While working in China, Thomas recalls the fun times he shared with his best friend Percy back home.

Watch First Day on Sodor. Episode 15 of Season 23.

Darcy, a tunnel-boring machine, makes a few mistakes during her first day on the job. Later, her true talents shine.

Watch Rangers of the Rails. Episode 16 of Season 23.

Longing for an adventure of her own, Emily takes the Sodor rangers on a camping trip, where things take a surprising turn.

Watch Lorenzo's Solo. Episode 17 of Season 23.

Lorenzo tries to take a legendary opera star to a music festival by himself but soon finds himself lost without his coach Beppe.

Watch Deep Trouble. Episode 18 of Season 23.

Ignoring Darcy's warnings about old mine shafts, Monty and Max fall into a dangerous situation.

Watch Too Loud Thomas. Episode 19 of Season 23.

While trying to sing opera like Lorenzo and Beppe, Thomas loses his voice right when he needs to deliver an important message.

Watch Out of Site. Episode 20 of Season 23.

Working with a team to build a new hospital, Brenda learns how each job is important — not just her own.

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